Kuwait Aims to Restrict Housing of Expat Bachelors

Fines from 1,000 dinars to 5,000 dinars

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 2:  Fahd Al-Shoula, the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of State for Communications Affairs has submitted a draft law to the Council of Ministers that aims to prohibit the housing of expatriate bachelors in specific residential areas.

According to a government source, this draft law has been forwarded after receiving approval from the Fatwa and Legislation Department.

One of the key provisions of this proposed law is the prohibition of renting residential units or their parts to expat bachelors in family residential and private housing areas. It also forbids the accommodation of bachelors in these areas. Additionally, landlords, if renting to individuals not covered by this ban, are required to provide a copy of the lease contract to the municipality for approval by the regional mayor. Any contract or agreement in violation of this law shall be considered invalid and carry no legal weight.

The draft law further specifies that tenants and occupants of residential units who are bachelors in family residential and private housing areas cannot be registered or issued civil cards unless they can confirm a kinship relationship with the property owner or the owner’s spouse up to the fourth degree. Domestic workers are exempt from this requirement, reports Al Qabas.

Penalties have been outlined in the draft law, with fines ranging from a minimum of one thousand dinars to a maximum of five thousand dinars. These penalties will be imposed on landlords, tenants, or anyone found sheltering or being housed in areas designated for family housing in violation of the law.

This news has been read 4312 times!

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