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KOC awards tender to a company owned by a fugitive

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: Kuwait Oil Company has awarded a tender worth KD 10 million to a foreign company for the services of processing waste, as there have been great suspicions and question marks regarding grave environmental violations, including working on hazardous waste, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to informed sources, the company to which the tender was awarded is owned by a person who is wanted in the United States of America and is banned from working there, as he is on the run from execution of six judgments issued against him, and for failing to pay fines estimated at KD3 million for violating the laws concerning environmental standards, waste storage and disposal of hazardous waste.

The sources asked, “How can Kuwait Oil Company risk its reputation and agree to award a tender to a foreign company against which court rulings have been issued and which is owned by a fugitive person who is criminally wanted in the United States?!”

Documents, copies of which the daily had obtained, show that Harris County in the United States is suing the owner of the company on charges related to illegal work with hazardous waste. In light of this, a court order was issued preventing him from working in any company that produces, transports, handles, stores, or disposes of hazardous waste, as well as the use of oil anywhere in the state of Texas, USA.

To add to this, the sources said, “After this lawsuit was filed, the owner of the company fled to one of the Gulf states. The US Environmental Protection Agency placed his former company under legal supervision”.

The sources explained that, according to the tender documents and during the pre-bid meeting with the Kuwait Oil Company, it was highlighted that the contractor provided a detailed and proven record of his previous experience in project management. The company concerned does not have any experience in managing such projects, and it has not provided any evidence of its operations related to such projects.

They asked, “How can a company the size of KOC award a contract to a company whose owner is accused of violating environmental laws and is wanted on six lawsuits. What is the legitimacy behind establishing this contract?”

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