KISR successful in cultivating and breeding shim fish

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KUWAIT CITY, March 5: The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), represented by the Environment and Life Sciences Research Center, announced a new scientific achievement, which is the success in cultivating and breeding shim fish for the first time in ponds using the closed system for recycling ultra-pure water and providing the appropriate environment for this species with accurate scientific standards and specifications.

Breeding and culturing shim fish for the first time in ponds

Acting Director General of KISR, Dr. Manea Al-Sedirawi, stated in a press statement that the start of cultivating shim fish in the institute’s special breeding ponds is a unique achievement that contributes to raising the name of the State of Kuwait high and advancing the development in the fish farming industry in the country and thus providing food security. For her part, the head of the project, an expert in aquaculture, Amani Al-Yaqout, said that this new achievement is the first of its kind in the Middle East in terms of starting the cultivation of shim fish in general, and the first of its kind globally in terms of studying the development of methods for cultivating these fish in a research institution.

Research team follows up the scientific achievement

She added that the institute is the first research institution in the world to adopt the idea of developing a culture system for this important type of fish, using a closed system that contributes to preserving the limited groundwater in the State of Kuwait and allows controlling the appropriate environmental requirements for the cultivation of each type of fish.

A l – Y a q o u t stated that she chose to start the project of cultivating shim fish due to its importance in the Gulf region and its high market value due to the increasing demand for it in the local and Gulf markets, especially as it is at risk of extinction from our seas. She pointed out that the extinction of shim fish is due to several factors, including overfishing and the high salinity of the water as a result of the lack of fresh water flowing into the waters of the northern Arabian Gulf in recent years.

She added that water pollution and the destruction of marine environment habitats also negatively affect important marine fish species and all marine organisms in general, as fisheries provide only 15 percent of the local market’s needs, while 85 percent is imported from other countries. In turn, the director of the marine resources program based on the ecosystem at the Environment and Life Sciences Research Center, Dr. Mohsen Al-Husseini, explained that this integrated project is being implemented with the support of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences and practical support and cooperation with a private sector company specialized in the field of fish farming. He added that this project aims to protect and preserve shim fish from extinction, as since 2014 this type of fish has been placed on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and its Resources. For his part, the head of the work team in fish farming, who specializes in closed system management, Musaed Al-Roumi, stated that what distinguishes this project, the first of its kind, is the speed of completion in the area. Al-Sedirawi Al-Yaqout MEWIIN launches digital version (KUNA)

This news has been read 12043 times!

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