KIPIC exports solid sulfur shipment

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KUWAIT CITY, March 14, (Agencies): The Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) announced on Tuesday, the first solid sulfur shipment from Al-Zour Refinery in cooperation with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). The first exported weight of the shipment amounted to 44,000 tons, official spokesman for KIPIC, Abdullah Al-Ajmi, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA). In addition, the industrial island received four oil tankers as well as the first tanker to load solid sulfur for global markets.

Al-Ajmi added that this achievement came a few days after second phase of the Al-Zour refinery operation, which doubled the volume of global oil exports and established its position as an influential source in the global energy market and a major provider of sustainable supplies of petroleum products with high environmental specifications that comply with international requirements. He explained the global exportation of all products is a historical and remarkable achievement in the history of the Kuwaiti oil industry. The Al-Zour refinery exports are carried out through the largest artificial island that was established in the middle of the sea, which is used to export liquid petroleum products through two loading platforms with four docks for the export of liquid products, he added.

The island is connected by four pipelines under the sea with Al-Zour refinery, as well as a special dock for exporting the solid sulfur product to all countries of the world. Meanwhile , according to MEED magazine, Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) plans to make major changes to the engineering and front-end design of the Zour Petrochemical Complex project which is worth $10 billion, reports Al-Qabas daily. A source said, “At the moment, the engineering design of the front-end does not match what KIPIC wants, as there must be major changes in the designs. This means that it will take longer for the design to be completed.” In the annual plan recently issued by KIPIC, the company revealed that it plans to bid for the corporate planning contract for the Zour Integrated Complex Upgrade Program, as the contract will take six months to implement with the tender being issued in May this year. While KIPIC’s annual plan highlights that the company aims to tender corporate planning work in May this year, sources believe the tender may be delayed due to the government’s resignation.

This news has been read 7434 times!

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