KIB’s Raed Bukhamseen honored with “Kuwaiti Visionary CEO – Development and Growth Driver” award

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Kuwait City, Nov 25: November 2023: The 2023 Islamic Finance Awards, presented by World Finance, has bestowed Raed Jawad Bukhamseen, Vice Chairman and CEO of Kuwait International Bank (KIB), with the esteemed “Kuwaiti Visionary CEO – Development & Growth Driver” award for yet another year. The recognition comes as a testament to Bukhamseen’s remarkable leadership and unwavering commitment to driving KIB’s development and growth.

Distinguishably among the honorees this year came Bukhamseen, chosen for his visionary guidance, under which KIB has established a clear strategy and vision for the future, demonstrating outstanding corporate communication and management across all sectors. According to World Finance, Bukhamseen’s exceptional leadership has driven year-on-year growth and outstanding financial performance for the Bank, while his investment in employee training and development has resulted in a culture of innovation and excellence across all levels. The magazine also stressed that KIB’s embrace of advanced fintech standards is a testament to Bukhamseen’s innovative and forward-thinking approach to banking.

Celebrating his award, Bukhamseen said: “Receiving this accolade for the year 2023 from such a prestigious entity continues to make me proud of what we do. I would like to thank the Central Bank of Kuwait and all regulatory authorities for their invaluable support and distinguished supervisory role in the banking industry. I am also thankful for the continuous guidance and tireless efforts of the Bank’s Chairman, the Board of Directors and the Executive Management team as they continue contributing to KIB’s growth and success. Lastly, I am grateful to all KIB employees for their dedication, cooperation and hard work in meeting the requirements of our customers and shareholders alike.”

He highlighted how KIB has been keeping pace with the latest changes and technologies in the world of banking, be it through the products and services it offers its customers, its internal program to invest in human capital, or its continuously expanding investment and financing activities. In addition, he underlined the Bank’s active role in society through its pioneering social responsibility program and community initiatives.

Bukhamseen assured that KIB would continue to build on its rich track record of innovation and Sharia-compliant products and will always strive to uphold its leadership and distinction in all areas of banking and finance in Kuwait. It serves to note that Bukhamseen has held the position of Vice Chairman and CEO of KIB since 2018 and has been honored by World Finance several times since then. For years now, London-based World Finance magazine has been holding its annual Islamic Finance Awards program to recognize some of the most prominent financial and banking institutions around the globe, including KIB. Within its award categories, WF’s program also honors the elite of industry leaders and the most successful names within the banking and financial sectors.

This news has been read 903 times!

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