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KIB sponsors Thoub Expo – Move to support local female designers

KUWAIT CITY, June 1: As part of its ongoing commitment to support youth initiatives and local small businesses, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) announced its sponsorship of ‘Thoub Expo’, the exhibition dedicated to showcasing local Ramadan fashion-related products. This year’s exhibition was held at 360 Mall, featuring the participation of a number of young, local female talents.

Featuring highly-skilled local and regional designers, as well as prominent social media influencers, this annual exhibition aims to support young local female entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing a network within the community to exchange ideas and to enable their businesses to grow.

“We are particularly proud to be part of an initiative that supports local female talents and entrepreneurs, as we believe that women play a vital role in promoting the economic development of the country. Accordingly, a large portion of our social initiatives is dedicated to empowering women by lending our support to initiatives that aim to promote the local female within our community.” commented Nawaf Najia, Manager of the Corporate Communications Unit at KIB.

He added that a team from KIB was present at the booth throughout the exhibition. KIB staff were available to answer all questions related to the Bank’s products and services, as well as its new campaigns and offers, which are designed to suit the various needs of all segments within the community.

KIB continues to support activities and initiatives, similar to “Thoub Expo”, which aim to promote development across all areas in Kuwait, particularly focusing on encouraging and fostering young local talents. The Bank has always considered youth initiatives and entrepreneurial programs to be integral components towards empowering and nurturing future generations; by providing employment opportunities in the private sector for young men and women, nurturing the creative ideas of ambitious young minds, and enabling them to play an active and positive role in the development of the country.


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