KFH:  Travel Guidelines for Cardholders Safety

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Kuwait City, June 8: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has advised cardholders to take into account some recommendations and guidelines regarding the ownership and usage of bank cards when traveling.

These guidelines are part of KFH’s vital  participation in the “Diraya” banking awareness campaign, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Banking Association.

KFH’s guidelines entailed two stages: prior to and during travel, with a focus on ensuring the highest levels of security and convenience when using bank cards in different locations and circumstances.

The pre-travel stage guidelines include  verifying the validity and credit limits of the cards, ensuring the customer’s signature on the cards, activating the SMS services, downloading the KFH Online application to monitor card usage, refraining from sharing private PINs or passcodes and avoiding clicking on suspicious links.

When traveling, KFH advises cardholders to keep their cards in a secure location, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight to avoid damage, refrain from sharing cards or PIN information with anyone, have them readily accessible when making purchases, thoroughly inspect ATMs for any abnormal devices, and hide your password from view.

By following these tips, you can ensure the security of your card of all types. It is also important to follow these instructions while in Kuwait, as there are increasing risks of fraud groups targeting credit and debit cardholders to steal balances, track card movements, deceive users through fake contacts or links, and obtain card information using various methods.

This news has been read 630 times!

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