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‘KD 1.5 mln MoI traffic fines still unpaid’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 30: The Auditing Bureau has criticized the continued non-payment of indirect traffic citations registered against the Interior Ministry personnel from 2014 until the end of fiscal year 2018-2019, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The Bureau’s report said the Ministry’s affiliates have committed 45,008 traffic violations worth nearly 1.4 million dinars and said the money has not been recovered from these citations because of the inactivity of the ministry’s automation system as a result of which the ministry is unable to pinpoint the wrongdoer because it is difficult to determine against whom the citation was been issued.

The bureau called on the ministry to activate the automation system to register and identify the violators. The bureau recorded has also made observations in the fingerprints system in the criminal evidences department. While the ministry affirmed in its response to the bureau that there is coordination and permanent technical committees have been formed comprising members from the criminal evidences and information systems departments..

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