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Wednesday , December 7 2022

KCMA ready to work gradually as soon as business returns and the ban is lifted

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KUWAIT, May 21 (KUNA) – The Kuwaiti Capital Markets Authority announced today, Thursday, that all its sectors will operate to work with the lowest number of human resources (inside the headquarters of the Authority), in accordance with the pre-emptive work plan prepared by the Authority.

The authority said in a press statement that it will be implemented from the date of the lifting of the ban and the government’s announcement to return to work, either in full, in part or in progress, and the commission will work at its full human potential, which will be divided into three categories.

The first category will start its work from the authority’s headquarters according to the working hours specified for each sector in accordance with the precautionary health controls, while the second category will start its tasks through contacting the authority’s network (Online system) through mobile devices. The third category will start its tasks through electronic communication with the authority through e-mail.

The categories referred to will be rotated at intervals until the date of normal return to business, stressing the application of rules for spacing between employees and provision of temperature measuring devices, masks, gloves and sterilizers for all of its employees.

The authority will also expand cleaning and sterilization operations for the headquarters. The commission is keen to adhere to the implementation of all procedures and measures set by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the health guidelines for Corona virus in the workplace.

The statement stated that the authority announced its employees about its procedures regarding the gradual return to work with its commitment to take all precautions and precautions to prevent the emerging corona virus.

The Kuwait Capital Markets Authority was established in accordance with Law No. 7/2010 approved by the National Assembly in February 2010 and its amendments.

The Authority, in accordance with the law, organizes and monitors securities activities and realizes the principle of transparency, fairness and efficiency and obliges listed companies to implement corporate governance principles and protect investors from unfair practices that violate the law of the authority. 

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