“Importance of Healthy Sleep Habits.”

‘Sleep is the best meditation’: Dr Jagannath

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The Kuwait Chapter of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (KCICAI) recently organized a thought-provoking event aimed at promoting healthy sleep habits among its members and their families. The event, held on 20 April 2024 at Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST) Kuwait, featured an informative presentation by Dr. Jagannath Chodankar, a distinguished Urologist at Jaber Al Ahmed Armed Forces Hospital, Kuwait.

Dr. Jagannath Chodankar

During his opening address, CA Rabin Gonsalves, Chairperson of KCICAI, graciously welcomed attendees, offering insightful updates on the chapter’s focus on health and well being. The Event was anchored by CA Sonali Jagat Prasad and structured and conceptualized by CA Sweta Chipra and her team.

The event commenced with an overview of the various stages of sleep and their significance in promoting physical and mental well-being. Dr. Jagannath highlighted the importance of achieving a balance between different stages of sleep, including REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is essential for cognitive function and emotional regulation.

The Kuwait Chapter of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (KCICAI) organized an event to promote healthy sleeping habits

Key takeaways from the event included:

Understanding Sleep Patterns: Dr. Jagannath emphasized the significance of understanding one’s sleep patterns and the role they play in maintaining optimal health. He highlighted the 5678 Rule, indicating that individuals burn around 50-60 calories per hour during sleep, stressing the importance of good sound sleep for calorie burning.

Incorporating Exercise: Regular physical activity was highlighted as a key factor in promoting restorative sleep. Dr. Jagannath explained how exercise increases the amount of deep sleep, which is crucial for physical recovery and mental rejuvenation. However, he cautioned against engaging in vigorous exercise too close to bedtime, recommending a gap of 2-3 hours to allow the body to wind down.

Relaxation Techniques: Attendees were introduced to various relaxation techniques to help prepare the body and mind for sleep. Dr. Jagannath emphasized the importance of establishing a relaxing pre-sleep routine, such as reading, taking a warm bath, or practicing meditation. He also introduced the concept of the “3-minute personal pause,” a simple mindfulness exercise designed to promote relaxation and mental clarity before bedtime.

Sleep and Specific Groups: Dr. Jagannath discussed the unique sleep challenges faced by women and children, highlighting statistics and potential solutions tailored to each group’s needs. For instance, women were advised to prioritize sleep due to hormonal and anxiety-related factors, while teenagers were encouraged to implement a sleep plan and seek guidance from healthcare providers.

Dr. Jagannath delved into the unique sleep challenges faced by different demographic groups, including women and children. He discussed how hormonal fluctuations and anxiety contribute to sleep disturbances in women, emphasizing the need for prioritizing sleep hygiene. For children and teenagers, Dr. Jagannath highlighted the detrimental effects of insufficient sleep on growth, development, and academic performance, urging parents to implement effective sleep strategies.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Jagannath reiterated the importance of prioritizing sleep as a cornerstone of overall health and well-being. He quoted, “Sleep is the best meditation”, emphasizing the transformative power of restorative sleep in promoting physical and mental wellness. He concluded by saying “Tonight keep all your worries out of sight, just close your eyes and go to sleep and all the good times will be for you to keep”.

CA Dhruv Sharma in his vote of thanks expressed gratitude to Dr. Jagannath for his enlightening speech and thanked the organizing committee, Annual sponsors NBK and Al Mulla Exchange, media partners for their support in making the event a success.

This news has been read 1158 times!

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