KAA inaugurates India-Kuwait Cultural Festival

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‘Glimpses of Timeless India’ until Sept 30

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 21: The Kuwait Arts Association (KAA), Monday, Sept 20, inaugurated the Arts Exhibition and the India-Kuwait Cultural Festival at its premises in Hawalli to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Kuwaiti-Indian diplomatic relations. The arts exhibition ‘Glimpses of Timeless India’, — works by Ms. Joice Sibi, wife of the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait HE Sibi George will remain open for the public until Sept 30, between 1700 – 2100 hrs. The India-Kuwait Cultural Festival which is being organized by the Embassy on the sidelines of the exhibition will feature dances by local Indian artistes throughout the festival. The exhibition was inaugurated by Kamel Abdul Jalil, Secretary General, National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL); organized by Abdul Rasoul Salman, President, Kuwait Arts Association.

In his address to the invited guests the Indian envoy spoke about these two important cultural initiatives — Art Exhibition on the essence of Timeless India, and the Cultural Festival – saying these events bring alive the cultural heritage of the majestic land that India is and connecting cultures and peoples of “our two friendly countries. Both of these initiatives are aimed at further broadening the rich canvas of cultural engagement and further strengthening our already close civilizational affinities and linkages.” “India has a vibrant artistic legacy,” he said and added, “the work of art you witnessed today is a result of this rich legacy which has been shaped and refined over several centuries of cultural influences. There is a rich diversity of art in India with vivid, distinct, and enchanting styles that represent many different civilizational periods and the many different regions and the kingdoms that dominated these regions during the course of India’s long, ancient yet continuous history.” “To place it in context, today’s event is a celebration of the vibrant and dynamic partnership between our two friendly countries, India and Kuwait. Our ties are time-tested, they have been built over strong foundations by our peoples over centuries based on mutual trust and respect,” the ambassador said.

Ms Joice in her address to the guests of the evening said she has been painting for almost fifteen years now. “I was part of many exhibitions and have also organized a few ‘solo’ during my stay abroad and in India. Painting has become a passion, I enjoy playing with colors. That way I tried to contribute to promoting the culture and heritage of India abroad. ‘Glimpses of Timeless India’, — a collection of 37 paintings showing the rich customs, traditions and heritage of India — is a story of India, its splendor, its magnificence, its pristine beauty, its serene landscapes, its values, its traditions, its principles, its people, their lives, their emotions, their triumphs, and many more. It’s a visually rich narrative carved on canvas by the artist with every stroke of the brush bringing alive the story of the world’s most ancient, continuous civilization, she added. “My journey in the world of art began since my childhood in India. I was always drawn to art in any form, whether it painting, music or dance. But I have always had a special connection to painting, as a medium of expression. My love for painting grew up with me.

“As diplomat spouse I have had the opportunity to travel across the world and visit many art museums. I found inspiration and continue to do so in the works of other artists. I I have learned many new art forms through which I can express India’s civilization and tradition.” She went on to say, “What influences me the most is my country’s rich and vibrant cultural heritage. As an artist, I also take in inspiration from our continuous civilization, which I see as ‘Timeless India’. My extensive study of the greats such as Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gaughan, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, MF Hussain, has guided me through my journey and helped portray the splendor of India. “Today, painting is part and parcel of my life. Every painting for me is like a newborn child. I nurture it. I live in it. Every painting gives a message to the person who watches it. It should have a story to tell and my paintings just do that. I would call it my ‘nostalgism’. It reminds me of my motherland. I paint to express my feelings, my nostalgia, and my imagination. This is my story,” she said. India is a nation that prides itself in having a nature’s bounty, an earliest civilization, a rich and vibrant cultural heritage and a glorious past. “It is this, what I, as an artist, wish to express through my work. This exhibition is my homage to the beauty and diversity that is India. ‘Glimpses of Timeless India’, is exactly what it says, a mere glimpse into boundless and timeless India,” Ms Joice said.

This news has been read 14984 times!

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