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Friday , January 21 2022

K-Net under attack: CEO – Hacker breaches multiple websites to challenge MoC official

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 22: Over the past few days an unidentified hacker attacked and succeeded in blocking a number of sites, most notably the sites of companies and Internet banking services, reports Arab Times daily.

In a conversation with the Kuwaiti tweeters, he said he did it to prove to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications Hamid Al-Qattan that the electronic protection programs adopted by the ministry are weak and fragile in response to his earlier statement a few days ago that Kuwait is safe and the site cannot be hacked.

The attack led to disruption of some services and some sites had to be shut down. Fajhan Hilal Al-Mutairi, CEO of Tawasul Telecom Co, said the attack led to blocking e-services only. He explained Kuwait does have specialized centers for information security and control of electronic systems.

A majority of Kuwaiti companies, he added, are not ready for this kind of attack or defend against hackers because their potential is limited and confined to the control of some individuals to systems without any real ability to defend against attacks.

On the other hand, the Kuwait Banking Association denied information published on the social networking websites about a breakthrough in the Point of Sale Systems (POS) used by clients of banks and described it as ungrounded and baseless rumors.

The Association confirmed that accounts of clients are safe although the websites of some banks are exposed to penetration attempts; however such attempts have been successfully addressed at the local and external levels. CEO of the Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (K-Net) Abdullah Al-Ajmi said the network of the company was under attack on Feb 14 and these attacks were aimed at withholding services by putting pressure on the networks by sending unnecessary and large-size data and stop the services provided to clients over the Internet.

He added the company took a precautionary measure by temporarily blocking foreign websites to ease pressure on its network, and specialist technical team of K-Net is ready to counter these attempts and has taken the necessary actions.

Al-Ajmi affirmed all clients can use POS of the company at any time. He pointed out that what had been done recently is only temporary and limited to the use of electronic payment network over the Internet from outside the country, blocking has been lifted and did not affect any of the other services provided by the company

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