‘Juvenile spends sentence period under observer’

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KUWAIT CITY, July 17: Head of the Social Monitoring and Aftercare Office, Nazel Al-Shammari, said the Monitoring Office is specialized in preparing social reports and research, and studying cases that are transferred from the competent authorities to the Juvenile Prosecution, the Juvenile Court and other competent courts, reports Al-Anba daily.

Al-Shammari explained that the juvenile spends the sentence period in his natural environment, whether he is a student, employee or serving in the military and are between the ages of 18 and 21, and is dealt with through communication and follow-up by the behavior observer responsible for the situation in the school and the family, where the behavior observer remains in constant communication with the person responsible for caring for the juvenile who signed the declaration of caring for the juvenile, provided that it is on behalf of one of the family members, and to ensure that he is committed to carrying out the duties that he is assigned to by the office according to a special program for each case, according to what the probation officer sees as the juvenile’s need for it.

He added that the duration of observation varies from person to person depending on the case, there are cases that are tested for a month, during which an intensive program for the case is drawn up by the observer based on the juvenile’s weaknesses and needs to modify behavior, while some cases require sitting with the juvenile during the month or more times, and in the event the observer considers that the case requires a longer period to modify the person’s behavior, and submits a letter to the court to amend the ruling, extend the period of judicial control, or transfer the person to the juvenile care homes if the environment is not suitable for behavior modification.

This news has been read 7452 times!

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