Judicial breakthrough: ‘Bedoun’ jailed for forging 1972 citizenship ruling

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Groundbreaking verdict: Kuwait’s Criminal Court sentences ‘Bedoun to prison for forging nationality ruling.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 3: In a groundbreaking decision, the Criminal Court, led by Counselor Ahmed Al-Sadi, has issued its first-ever precedent within the Kuwaiti judiciary, resulting in a three-year imprisonment with hard labor for a “Bedoun” individual. The convict was found guilty of forging a 1972 ruling that purportedly mandated the Ministry of Interior to issue a Kuwaiti nationality certificate.

The case unfolded when the accused endeavored to execute the ruling, presented “in an executive form,” by directing the request to the Nationality and Passports Department. The individual sought the implementation of a final ruling issued in favor of their deceased father. However, upon closer examination of the ruling by the Nationality and Passports Department and subsequent referral to the Investigations Department, it was discovered that the ruling’s registration number was non-existent, indicating forgery.

Following this revelation, the case was forwarded to the Public Prosecution, which conducted an investigation leading to the individual’s subsequent referral to the Criminal Court. The court, under Counselor Ahmed Al-Sadi’s leadership, handed down a three-year prison sentence with hard labor for the offense of forging a legal ruling. This landmark decision marks a significant development in the Kuwaiti legal system regarding the “Bedoun” community.

This news has been read 1408 times!

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