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YouTube started testing an AI-based chat box, and comments summariser.

NEW YORK, Nov 8, (Agencies): YouTube is piloting innovative AI enhancements aimed at enhancing user interaction with the content on its platform. These advancements consist of a new conversational AI tool that enables users to engage with videos in a more interactive manner, as well as an AI feature that categorizes and summarizes comment topics. Initially, these new YouTube features are being tested with a select group of subscribers who have enrolled in YouTube’s Premium membership program.

To provide users with a more engaging experience, YouTube has introduced a conversational AI tool that can be accessed by simply clicking on the new ‘Ask’ button, located just beneath the video player. By tapping this button, a chat box will appear, allowing users to ask questions or seek additional information related to the video content. Notably, the chat box operates concurrently with video playback, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience.

When users initiate a chat, they will be introduced to a chatbot, accompanied by suggested prompts for those seeking guidance on what questions to ask. These prompts include options for summarizing the video, inquiring further about the content, and receiving recommendations for related videos. Additionally, users have the flexibility to type in their own questions, engaging directly with YouTube’s chatbot.

In a bid to streamline interactions within the comments section, YouTube is employing AI to categorize and filter comments based on specific topics. This new feature introduces a ‘Topics’ tab within the comments section, which, when clicked, presents users with a list of topics along with associated comments. By selecting a particular topic, users can instantly access comments relevant to that specific discussion within the video.

It’s important to note that these newly introduced features are currently in the testing phase, and access may be limited. The conversational AI tool is exclusively available to YouTube Premium members in the United States, while the comment topic feature is accessible to YouTube Premium members worldwide. However, the comment topic feature will only be visible on select English-language videos with substantial comment sections. For those interested in participating in this experiment, you can visit to explore these innovative functionalities.

This news has been read 872 times!

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