Jleeb’s Kuwaiti Population: A Closer Look at Gender Ratios

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 12: The municipality’s final report, submitted to the Council of Ministers, revealed that in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh’s plots (1, 2, 3, 4, 13 and 21), the population comprises approximately 1.5 percent Kuwaiti males and 15 percent Kuwaiti females. The region’s valuation for expropriation purposes stands at 1.432 billion dinars, in accordance with Article 6 regarding expropriation, reports Al-Seyassah daily The municipality’s recommendations encompass two main proposals.

Firstly, a comprehensive redevelopment plan through the aforementioned expropriation, and secondly, maintaining the current situation with a focus on specific actions. These actions include utilizing plots 19 and 20, which were previously expropriated, to provide housing solutions and address demographic imbalances.

Additionally, efforts are directed towards enhancing traffic and security conditions, improving the healthcare system, rectifying existing violations, and upgrading road and infrastructure networks. Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Fahd Al-Shula, in the report, highlighted that the majority of Arab households scattered across these plots have multiple owners. Some plots have up to 7 owners, and a single plot may contain 6 houses and 6 shops.

This news has been read 9898 times!

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