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Thursday , January 23 2020

Jleeb Al-Shoyukh is not suitable for human habitation

Sheikh Faisal writes detailed report about the place

KUWAIT CITY, May 5: The Governor of Farwaniya Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah recently revealed the most sensitive file in Al-Farwaniya Governorate, affirming Jleeb Al-Shoyukh area is not worth describing as a suitable place for human habitation, reports Al-Rai daily.

In an interview with the daily, Governor Sheikh Faisal stressed that seriousness is part of his personality and the truth is paramount in his mind. He said the statement he made about the area is the least he could say about the place he visited for an in-depth assessment to determine ways of dealing with the situation.

He revealed that he wrote a detailed report about the place and the problems therein, and even proffered solutions that require courageous and drastic decisions based on extensive factual studies for the benefit of the homeland and citizens, noting “the decision comes with more cooperation between the government and the people in order to resolve the issue”, he stated. As he aspires to see Farwaniya Governorate in first place in all services provided to people, Sheikh Faisal revealed a plan of action to implement many programs to serve residents in the areas of health, traffic and education, and evaluation of the level of performance and identifying the weaknesses and shortcomings in the performance of the executive bodies in the governorate. He reassured the shortcomings will be addressed, if any, within the legal frameworks.

Also, he pointed out that Farwaniya Governorate took the lead in the move to eliminate the phenomenon of singles in private residences, in view of the danger of this phenomenon coupled with security and social factors, especially as the issue disturbs many citizens. He declared that the governorate held several meetings with concerned parties to discuss the phenomenon from all angles. “I have followed up the formation of this team by providing a detailed report on the social and security aspects of the abovementioned phenomenon and working on ways to eliminate it. The fact is that the ministers are serious about developing solutions and ending the problem from its roots after briefing His Highness the Prime Minister on the problem”. He reiterated the Prime Minister did not hesitate to provide support.

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