Jada Pinkett Smith reveals Tupac Shakur’s hidden battle with Alopecia

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LOS ANGELES, Oct 14, (Agencies): Jada Pinkett Smith, a vocal advocate for alopecia awareness, has revealed that she shared a common condition with her late friend, Tupac Shakur. It turns out that the legendary rapper also battled alopecia, the autoimmune disorder responsible for unpredictable hair loss. Smith, however, believes that Tupac never publicly discussed his alopecia.

In 2018, the actress and talk show host first opened up about her own alopecia diagnosis, dedicating herself to raising awareness about the condition. Remarkably, she has become a prominent figure in advocating for those affected by alopecia.

It appears that Shakur experienced similar hair loss symptoms as Smith, with the onset of his condition dating back to around 1991. This was the year when he was arrested for jaywalking by the Oakland Police Department in California, eventually leading to a lawsuit against the police department, which was eventually settled.

Reflecting on Tupac’s experience, Smith recalls, “After he was in Northern California with the police officers that beat him up, he started losing his hair. And his alopecia patterns were far more extreme than mine.”

Smith suggests that Shakur, who tragically lost his life in 1996, chose to keep his alopecia private due to societal pressures during that era. “I don’t think Pac ever talked about his alopecia, but he also looked really good with a bald head,” she observes. “But that was during a time and during an era that you wouldn’t — he just wouldn’t talk about it.”

This news has been read 1487 times!

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