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Wednesday , September 29 2021

Izn-e-mal still valid, Person out of Kuwait. How to get it cancelled and issue new visa?

My husband was in Kuwait for past 14 yrs. He is now in India for the past 4 months because he is willing to change his sponsor but they are unable to sponsor him with new visa as they are saying his Izn-e-mal is still active and till Oct 7th 2020. So my question is what is the procedure to get that Izn-e-mal cancelled? Please let me know as soon as possible.

Name withheld

Answer: Your husband should have cancelled his work permit before exiting Kuwait if he knew that he was going to come back on a new visa. If he is still desirous of coming back to Kuwait on a new visa, then he has to return to Kuwait (since his work permit is still valid) and formally cancel the work permit, exit Kuwait again and then he can return on a new work permit.

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