IWG, Korean embassy co-host cultural event

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THE International Women’s Group in Kuwait and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the State of Kuwait coorganized a cultural event about Korea, which was titled “The Beauty of Korea,” on Sunday, October 2, at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Mrs. Ghada Shawky, president of the IWG and wife of the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, began her speech by expressing her happiness that this season begins with “Korea Day”, adding that the International Women’s Group is lucky to celebrate it as one of its main goals is to work on rapprochement and integration between cultures, and that Korea is a country with a long history dating back 7000 years. It is a country rich in culture and tradition. Shawky added that the Korean people are proud of their unique traditional culture and rapid economic success in a short period of time.

Mrs. Shawky added that on a social level, the Korean people show great respect for their elders, parents and family, and believe in sincerity, diligence, humbleness and hard work. They follow certain rules of behavior while meeting, eating, praying, and even celebrating. Shawky highlighted the richness of the Korean cuisine, the spread of K-drama and K-pop in the world, in addition to the high-quality Korean industries and unmatched skin care products.

Shawky added that she once read that Seoul is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. She also made it clear that it is important to strive to know a country from the perspective of its people. Without knowing the unique perspective of the Korean people, our understanding of Korean culture can become shallow at best and stereotypical at worst. That is why organizing these events is very important.

Mrs. Ghada Shawky welcomed then the new wives of the ambassadors in Kuwait and the joining of some of the ambassadors’ husbands for the first time in the history of the International Women’s Group after the appointment of 14 female ambassadors from different countries in Kuwait. Mrs. Shawky also congratulated on behalf of the IWG, His Highness the Emir of the country, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on the occasion of the second anniversary of His Highness’ assumption of power in the country. She also congratulated the Kuwaiti people on the success of the democratic elections of the National Assembly elections, wishing the beloved State of Kuwait further progress and prosperity under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir, may God preserve on him.

Before concluding her speech, Mrs. Shawky invited the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Chung By ung-Ha, to deliver a speech on the occasion of the Korean Cultural Day. H.E. Chung Byung-ha, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the State of Kuwait delivered welcoming remarks in which he extended his gratitude to president and board members of IWG for co-hosting the event. He also expressed his pleasure in introducing some aspects of Korean culture including “Hanbok”, Korea’s traditional dress, which symbolizes the beauty of the past and refl ects an essential part of Korea’s traditional way of life. He also hoped that the special presentation of modern day Korean beauty tips, under the umbrella term of “K-beauty”, by a Korean medical doctor would allow participants to have a chance to get a glimpse of the Korean beauty at the present time. During the event, a short film about Korea titled “Find hidden K-DNA!-5 Perspectives on Korea” was shown. The film focused on various aspects of life in Korea such as city, music, food and so on.

Following the video, an aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Junghyun Kim, who is currently practicing in Seoul Derma Clinic in Kuwait and his wife Dr. Sunhee Hur, also a Korean M.D., provided participants with K-beauty tips along with useful medical information about crucial daily skincare routine. The event included a presentation of Korea’s traditional dress, “Hanbok”, which features its delicate lines and a variety of colors. Some members of the Korean-Kuwaiti Diwaniya, the Korean culture lovers’ gathering in Kuwait, showcased the “Hanbok”. Some participants were given an opportunity to try on the “Hanbok” and take photos against the background screen of Korea’s scenic views.

The Embassy prepared K-beauty products for raffle prizes and distributed door gifts along with booklets about Korea’s tourism and cuisine for all participants. Some delicious Korean delicacies were also served including “Kimchi”. At the end of the event, Mrs. Ghada Shawky presented the Korean ambassador and his wife with an honorary shield and thanked him for his speech and for organizing this special day, which made all the attendees happy.

This news has been read 11738 times!

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