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Is Kuwait prepared to launch electric cars in local market?

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‘More luxury features, low maintenance cost’

KUWAIT CITY, March 27: Four years ago, the Municipal Council and the Municipality have been looking to transform the country into a regional and international financial and commercial hub through the fourth structural plan 2040, and while the Director-General of the Municipality, Engr Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, confirmed that this plan is a translation of the noble vision of the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad to transform the country into a regional and international financial and commercial center.

“Since more than four years ago,” the Municipal Council has considered that the 2008 structural plan had a deviation of 60% from development projects. Therefore, there was a call from the Supreme Council for Planning and Development to approve the fourth state plan for 2040 before submitting it to the Municipal Council for approval. A member of the Municipal Council, Engr Hammoud Al-Enezi, presented questions to the executive body of the Municipality about the extent of the comprehensive study of the fourth structural plan when electric cars will hit Kuwait, as car agencies have already started selling electric cars significantly in the world and in Kuwait, especially with the luxury features offered by these cars and their excellence at very low maintenance costs.

Al-Enezi said in a press statement the spread of electric cars in Kuwait poses new challenges that require the state’s structural plan to address them since these cars will put a burden on power loads and this raises the question as to what extent Kuwait is prepared for this transformation and the extent to which plans have been put in place to accommodate the expected big increase on power load which will result from charging electric cars from homes. In addition, the aspirations of the Kuwait Municipality’s structural plan management preceding the fourth structural plan 2040 cover three phases, where the first begins with collecting data and needs of various government agencies, the second is concerned with presenting working papers related to the economy, housing and the environment, and the third phase is the implementation of the phase to transform Kuwait into a smart country.

Earlier, some officials of the General Secretariat for Planning and Development considered that the stage of implementing the fourth structural plan for the State of Kuwait is one of the most important stages in terms of the need to achieve homogeneity and link the plan with the development plan and policies drawn up by the Supreme Council for Planning and Development and approved by the National Assembly in the development plan (2015-2020). One of the most important policies set by the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, as mentioned above, is to enable the private sector to engage in economic activities and to reduce the state’s control over it.

By Abdel Nasser Al-Aslami Al-Seyassah Staff

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