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Friday , September 17 2021

Iraqi police fire on Baghdad protesters

BEIRUT, Oct 1, (AP): Iraqi security forces fired rubber bullets and tear-gas in Baghdad Tuesday on anti-government protesters, medical officials said, injuring more than a dozen people.

The Tuesday afternoon rally began peacefully with more than 1,000 people marching into central Tahrir Square, when the police started throwing stun grenades and firing rubber bullets and tear-gas to disperse the protesters.

An injured protester is carried after reacting to tear gas fired by security forces during a protest in Tahrir Square, in central Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

With hundreds of people gathered in the square chanting anti-government slogans, riot policemen began to fire tear-gas, scattering the mostly young male protesters, while others fell to the ground wiping their eyes. Some of the protesters responded by throwing stones at security forces, as others waved Iraqi flags above the water cannon.

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