Iraq executes 11 people convicted of terrorism: report

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Iraq carries out executions of 11 terrorism convicts, Amnesty International raises concerns.

IRAQ, April 25: Iraqi authorities have carried out the execution of at least 11 individuals convicted of “terrorism” this week, according to sources in security and health sectors on Wednesday. The executions, conducted by hanging, have drawn condemnation from human rights group Amnesty International, citing concerns over transparency.

Under Iraqi law, crimes categorized as terrorism and murder are punishable by death, with execution orders requiring the president’s approval.

A security source from Iraq’s southern Dhi Qar province informed AFP that 11 individuals, identified as “terrorists from the Islamic State group,” were executed at a prison facility in Nasiriyah city. The executions were carried out “under the supervision of a justice ministry team.”

Confirming the executions, a local medical source disclosed that the health department had received the bodies of the 11 individuals. These executions, conducted under Article 4 of the anti-terrorism law, occurred on Monday, as per the medical source, who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.

All 11 executed individuals hailed from Salahaddin province, with seven of their bodies already returned to their families, the medical official noted.

In recent years, Iraqi courts have issued numerous death and life sentences for individuals convicted of affiliation with “a terrorist group,” regardless of active involvement in combat. However, these trials have faced criticism for their alleged hastiness, with reports of confessions obtained under duress and torture.

Amnesty International, in a statement released on Wednesday, denounced the recent executions, particularly highlighting concerns over the “overly broad and vague terrorism charges” used. The human rights organization reported that a total of 13 men were executed on Monday, including 11 affiliated with the Islamic State armed group.

Additionally, Amnesty cited the cases of two individuals arrested in 2008, who were convicted of terrorism-related offenses under the Penal Code after what it described as a “grossly unfair trial,” according to their lawyer.

This news has been read 1121 times!

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