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Internet contract

I took a Net connection from one of the local companies. I signed the contract for 1 year & six months. When I took the Net connection the company took advance payment. Every month they took the payment in advance. But on 21st February my contract expired so I went to one of the company’s branches to cancel the contract. But they asking me for some extra money. But I was always paying in advance every month. I asked company representative about the extra payment they told me our system is showing the amount you have to pay. That means they are cheating the customers. Where I can complain against this matter. Please advise me… I checked the company’s website but could not find any such place or link.

Name withheld

Answer: We have checked the website of the company you have mentioned and find that there are two links on the site where you can file a complaint. The first thing you must do is go to “Customary Service” on that website. One place is where it is mentioned “contact us”.

Here you have both an e-mail of the company where you can post your complaint and also some telephone numbers which you can call.

Second on the same page, in the Customer Service, is a link where you can write suggestions and complaints. Here it clearly says that once you post your complaint you must mention your telephone number so that the company can call you back. So, please contact the company through the website as we have mentioned.

We are sorry we can’t provide you the link directly as it is our company policy not to mention the name of both complainant or the person/ company against whom a complaint has been filed. If you check all the questions above, including yours, you will find that we have withheld all names including yours. But if you follow our instructions above, you will not have any difficulty in filing your complaint.

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