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Monday , October 25 2021

Interior’s Asst Undersecretary denies ‘naturalization’ reports

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 9: Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passports Affairs in the Ministry of Interior Lieutenant- General Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawwaf has denied the reports circulating on social media about the completion of lists in February for the naturalization of soldiers, children of divorced women and widows, and holders of the 1965 census certificate, reports Al-Shahid daily. He insisted that there is absolutely no truth in what has been mentioned in this regard, stressing that in the event of the disclosure of names of those eligible for naturalization, the concerned authorities will announce it in a timely manner.

Lieutenant-General Al-Nawwaf said, “This is fake news. If there is disclosure, then it will be announced via the official channels. The law applies to everyone, and we are keen to apply the law.” He affirmed that there is no validity in naturalizing the children of Kuwaiti women who are divorced, widowed, and old employees of the oil sector. Lieutenant-General Al-Nawwaf explained that the Citizenship and Passports Department took over the task of preparing lists. When the request from the concerned authorities is made, the lists are completed.

This matter is procedural by the nature of the administration’s work. It is related to the issuance of a law by the National Assembly, either with regard to the naturalization of the military or the 1965 census campaign. Therefore, the National Assembly must issue a law for naturalization.

Also, naturalization does not exceed 4,000 people in a year. He added, “A lot of people went to the department after news was circulated about the existence of naturalization lists. We explained to everyone that this matter is not true, so there is no room for mediation and the law applies to everyone.”

Regarding the department’s work plan, Lieutenant General Al-Nawwaf said there is an ambitious work plan to be added to the current work plan that is going according to the administration’s vision by facilitating the completion of transactions for citizens and developing the work mechanism. He added, “Our doors are open to all before the issuance of the circular in this regard. We are working according to a clear and transparent mechanism. I am in contact with all the clients, and I go to them and ask them about their level of satisfaction with the services provided to them and their observations. I also ask if there was any delay in completing their transactions or not. We take all the suggestions for the benefit of the work and we do not hesitate to take any procedure that would contribute to the development of work for the better”. Lieutenant General Al-Nawwaf concluded by saying, “We are available every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm to discuss the complaints of all customers.”

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