Inspections drive: Hawalli authorities shut down 8 food outlets, make 25 arrests

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 18, (Agencies): Muhammad Al-Kandari, the inspection inspector at the General Authority for Food and Nutrition in Hawalli Governorate, has emphasized the crucial importance of strict adherence to rules and requirements for food establishments. During a recent inspection tour conducted by Authority inspectors in the Hawalli and Salmiya regions, Al-Kandari highlighted the closure of 8 food establishments and the issuance of 25 violation arrest reports.

One of the food establishments is being shut down in the Hawally governorate.

In a statement, Al-Kandari explained that various establishments engaging in multiple activities were shut down due to several violations. These included operating without obtaining a health license issued by the authority, and violations for which reconciliation is not permissible. The closure is enforced, and the facility is allowed to reopen only for evacuation purposes without conducting any activity. Additionally, records were referred to the Public Prosecution.

Violations under Article 20 were also noted, involving workers who had not obtained health certificates issued by competent authorities. Reports were issued against employers for employing workers without the required health certificates.

A butchery was inspected and subsequently closed for violating regulations. Al-Kandari disclosed that the violator was found melting frozen liver to sell it as fresh. The establishment was also engaged in trading adulterated food, lacking nutritional data cards for items such as sausage, frozen entrails, and meat. Furthermore, the facility was collecting grease remnants by cleaning meat for sale to restaurants, alongside the presence of live insects and worms. Non-compliance with personal hygiene rules, general requirements for food establishments, floor cracks, and a malfunctioning refrigerator designated for meat led to the closure of the facility.

The closed establishments included a food store opened for storage without the necessary health license, two similar stores, and a food facility in Salmiya selling vegetables and fruits, which did not adhere to hygiene requirements, revealing a significant insect presence behind displayed food.

In another instance, a restaurant in the Salmiya area faced closure due to numerous violations, including a lack of adherence to general hygiene rules for food establishments, the presence of abundant live insects, an unlicensed attached warehouse, and trading in adulterated food without nutritional data cards. The violator was also repackaging food without the required health permit, a violation of Ministerial Resolution 20/2017.

Inspector Ishaq Al-Sarraf, during his inspection of a restaurant, noted a substantial quantity of food that had been cooked and re-frozen for sale. He emphasized the potential health risks associated with selling such food, which could lead to cases of poisoning for consumers.

This news has been read 1317 times!

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