Indispensable perfumery market remains steadfast over the ages

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 17: “Perfumery” is a concept that extends for very long years, and is indispensable regardless of the progress and development of the medical field. It still has its own space in the lives of individuals, whether women or men, although it is more used by women who may allocate a monthly expenditure to purchase perfume products, reports Al-Qabas daily. Several owners of perfumery shops with experience spanning scores of years said purchases from perfumery shops do not stop, as it is like the profession of pharmacy, needed by every young and old and no home can dispense with it, even if the individual does not need it.

Any perfume shop is attracted by the sweet aromas emitted by spices and herbs of various kinds and types, so that one becomes curious to know the characteristics of each herb and buy it. One of the workers in the field of perfumery says that in Kuwait for more than 30 years, perfumery shops have not stopped receiving their customers throughout the day and in all seasons, pointing out that the money spent on buying perfume varies from one person to another, but in all cases some allocate between 10 and 40 dinars monthly, bearing in mind that the consumption of perfumery products has a production date, validity and country of origin, like any other products, and this information must be clear to the customer.

He pointed out that women buy everything related to cosmetics and the beauty of the skin and hair, as well as oils such as argon oil, Afghan hashish oil, the miraculous mixture oil, creams for skin and hair, as well as natural soap for the skin and rose water, as well as spices. As for men, they accept more medicinal herbs, such as herbs that treat colon, breathing and asthma, indicating that 80% of the clients of perfume shops are women and only 20% are men.

This news has been read 14302 times!

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