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Wednesday , December 7 2022

Indians in Kuwait die of hunger and torture – Indian news paper

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 3: One of India’s largest newspapers Times of India claimed that Indian workers in Kuwait “suffer from hunger and abuse, forcing them to commit suicide in large numbers”, similar to what happened in 2018 when Philippines newspapers and news sites began to claim that “there were violations which ended up sending the labor by Philippine government and then reversing its decision after a meeting of foreign ministers of the two countries reports Al Qabas.

Times of India claimed on its website One migrant worker from Andhra Pradesh died almost every three days in the Middle East between January 16 2018, and Aug 22, 2019.

It claimed that 174 Indians died in Gulf states and from these 121 of these Indian workers working in Kuwait returned in coffins to India. The data collected from APNRT said that many of these Indians have died of suicides caused by hunger and extreme weather conditions and in some cases ill treatment and torture by their employers.

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