Indian workers in UAE to benefit from New Life Protection Plan (LPP)

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UAE, March 6: A new insurance scheme has been introduced in the UAE to provide financial support to Indian workers and their families. The Life Protection Plan (LPP), effective from March 1, guarantees compensation of up to Dh75,000 in the event of the employee’s death, whether due to accidents or natural causes. This initiative aims to address the lack of mandatory coverage for natural deaths among the 2.27 million blue-collar workers in the UAE.

While many companies offer health insurance and compensation for work-related injuries and deaths, there has been no compulsory provision for natural deaths, leaving many families without funds for repatriation costs if the breadwinner passes away. To fill this gap, the Indian Consulate in Dubai facilitated discussions between major UAE companies recruiting blue-collar workers and two insurance providers to develop the LPP.

Under the scheme, annual premiums range from Dh37 to Dh72 for individuals aged 18 to 70. Compensation for beneficiaries varies from Dh35,000 to Dh75,000, depending on the selected premium, in the event of the worker’s death due to an accident or natural causes. Additionally, the plan includes Dh12,000 coverage for repatriation expenses.

Two insurance companies collaborated to design a package tailored to blue-collar workers, with terms and conditions negotiated with recruitment companies. The LPP offers three premium options:

  • Dh72 annual premium for Dh75,000 compensation
  • Dh50 per year for Dh50,000 compensation
  • Dh37 for Dh35,000 compensation

The Indian Consulate emphasized the importance of this scheme, given the significant number of natural deaths among workers. In 2022, there were 1,750 deaths in Dubai, with 1,100 being workers, and a similar trend continued in 2023, with 1,000 worker deaths out of a total of 1,513. This initiative reflects the consulate’s commitment to the welfare of the Indian community in the UAE.

This news has been read 661 times!

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