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Thursday , August 18 2022

Indian team SKARZ post 1st victory as Pin Pals advance

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SKARZ team

UNIMONI, Eagles, Tigers, Asian Air and Falcon win

KUWAIT CITY, May 15: There was a major shake-up in the ‘Super 8’, second to sixth positions with the top ranked UNIMONI Exchange enjoying their post with a huge advantage over the new second-placed Asian Air Safari in the ninth week round of the 2019 Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait – Kuwait Bowling Federation Cup 2019 Tenpin Bowling League held at Kuwait Bowling Sporting Club Complex in Salmiya. Meanwhile in the lower bracket, NUSANTARA team continue to descend and the Pin Pals ascend while the Dragon Bowlers hardly extricated themselves from the quicksand as they go deeper. The teams that posted victory were UNIMONI Exchange, SKARZ, Swooping Eagles, IBL Tigers, Asian Air Safari, Falcon Int’l Cargo while Jordan Elite Bowlers played bye.

Unknown bowler Solomon Moras with 464 points powered the SKARZ pushing the NUSANTARA team to the brink when they extended the losing streak as the former registered its first win in eight outing 2,519-2,395. In the first game, the SKARZ team demolished the Indonesian team 837-754 but in the second game NUSANTARA retaliated and outsmarted the Indian team 863-801. SKARZ continued its fine play and won the third game 856-778 thus winning the match up. Aside from Solomon, Melwin Isaac and Ignatius Fernandes added 423 and 404 points respectively, while Lionel Mendes, Kathy Fernandes and Fatima Fernandes who snatched the coveted “Bowler of the Week contributed 278, 244 and 191 points. The losers who played with its complete line-up, still unlucky to end their dwindling performance and the players were Erlisa Gantosori (401), Benyamin Hasan (400), Nuki Winuka (390), Ahmad Fahmi (370) and Tanjung Gantosori (370).

Playing bye, the Jordan Elite Bowlers team scored 2720 points with Ali Hikmat as top scorer when he delivered 154, 198, 241 (593) followed by Waleed Al Baloushi (504), Ali Arqoub (458), Basma Ammar (406) and Yousef Waleed (377). Hikmat snatched the Individual Class B High Game record of 232 points by Jason Gamba and Rani Skeik with his 241 points. Reinvigorated Asian Air Safari bounced back after a frustrating loss last week and blasted the 3-man team Pin Pals by sweeping the three-game series 893-791, 967-899, 880-782 (2,765-2,472) and retrieved once more the second spot. Despite Pin Pals’ defeat still managed to move up from eleventh to twelfth position with a record of 3-6 win-lose while Asian Air registered 6-3. Aqeel Al Farisy powered his team when he delivered 224, 222, 210 (656) with the able assistance of Mohammad Karam (518), Sonia Mathews (515), Neveen Wasel (431) and Ghadeer Al Sarraf (320) while Pin Pals courageous bowlers were Allan Fernandes (483), Vasant Harshan (469) and Diego Camilo (386).      

The Swooping Eagles halted the three-week winning streak of ‘X’ Strikers with a 2684 2512 result. In the first game ‘X’ Strikers outscored the Swooping Eagles 863-829 but the Eagles requite in the second game 895-827 with a thirty four points advantage and finally in the third game Myrah Manalo scored her game high of 203 points to propel the victory over their counterpart 935-822. The registered win-lose-bye was 6-2-1 for the Eagles and 5-3-1 for the X-Men. Eagles’ top pointer was Clinton Cathers who scored 537 points, Myrah and Mona Corpuz chipped in 513 and 406 points respectively while Riz Roque and Alonzo Bush added 403 and 363 while ‘X’ Strikers bowlers were Joe Presenta (473), Ceddie Faa (458), Cris Carungay (436), Rocky Castil (277), Abel Nitikusumo (269) and Bima Nitikusumo (220).

The IBL Tigers continued their fourth winning spree and overpowered the KRAHS team to take commanding lead in their 3-game series when they won the first two games 851-788, 965-816. In the third game KRAHS outsmarted the Tigers 956-848 and lessen the difference from 212 to 108 points. Despite the victory still the Tigers skid to third place from second best. High scorer was Rani Skeik (506) followed by Joel Fernandes (495), Ulyses Menezes (476), Amam Agarwal (283), Nadine Dias (281), Rudolph Castelino (130) and Fatima Sequiera (105) while KRAHS players were Joel Tizon (464), Pilar Patula (366), Moises Amahan (313), Eddie Pena (302), Mar Evangelista (265) Sam Behbehani (245) and Eden Anan (226). KRAHS continued to crash and slide from fourth to fifth place in the standing.

Finally, the UNIMONI Exchange laid on a devastating scoring display to overwhelm the IncrediBowlers 2757-2598 and avow that they remain a formidable threat even with depleted lineup.

Ninth Round Results: 1. UNIMONI Exchange (25,592); 2. Asian Air Safari (24,803); 3. IBL Tigers (24,795); 4. Jordan Elite Bowlers (24,482); 5. KRAHS (24,400); 6. ‘X’ Strikers (24,315); 7. Swooping Eagles (23,917); 8. Falcon Int’l Cargo (23,755); 9. IncrediBowlers (23,414); 10. Pin Pals (22,937); 11. NUSANTARA (22,912); 12. SKARZ (22,627) and 13. Dragon Bowlers (20,593).

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