Saturday , September 23 2023

Indian Navy prepares its 3 largest warships to evacuate Indians stranded in Gulf

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NEW DELHI, Apr 27: The Indian Navy has readied its 3 of its largest warships to move to Gulf to evacuate Indians stranded abroad.

They are INS Jalashwa, and two (LSTs) Tank landing ships. The Indian Govt asked these ships to be prepared to move to Gulf within few days. As per INS Jalashwa huge number people can be evacuated.

It can accommodate 1000 – 850 after social distancing. The other two smaller ships they have a capability of carrying several hundreds of people apart from the crew reports Times Now.

Indian Navy has 8 LSTs stationed in Port blair, Vizag and Cochin. But two of them are refitted for evacuation apart from other four which are also in process of being ready

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