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India, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh account for 94.9% ‘Domestic workers’

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KUWAIT CITY, April 2: The weekly report issued by the ‘Al-Shall’ Center said that more than a quarter of the total expatriate workers in Kuwait are domestic, as their number in 2022, according to the Central Administration for Statistics, reached about 753,000, of whom 347,000 are males and 406,000 females, reports Al-Jarida daily. The report indicated that India leads the male labor sector with about 239,000 and the Philippines lead the female sector with about 199,000.

The Indian labor occupies 44.8 percent of the total domestic labor, and the Philippines 26.6 percent, indicating that India, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka account for about 94.9 percent of the total employment out of 10 nationalities, including Ethiopia (1.1 percent), Benin (0.6 percent), and Sudan (0.2 percent).

The report added, “If the numbers of domestic workers with other categories of expatriate workers are combined according to their nationalities, the number of Indian workers would have reached about 835,000, which is equivalent to 29.9 percent of the total labor force and about 35.6 percent of the total expatriate labor force, followed by the Egyptian labor force with about 483 thousand, representing 17.8 percent of the total employment, then Kuwaiti workers with about 443 thousand, or 15.9 percent of the total, then the Philippines fourth with 267 thousand, and Bangladesh fifth with 241 thousand.

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