Indemnity – Company asking to sign “Financial Clearance Certificate”

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I have been working in a company for the last 13 years and my salary is KD 1,000. I asked my company to provide me my indemnity, they agreed and told me to bring “Financial Clearance Certificate” from Authentication Department of the courts.
I have to sign on that financial clearance certificate that I have received all my indemnities and I will not file any case against my company whatsoever.
However they will deposit money in my account later after 3-4 days. I want your guidelines before taking any decision. Suppose I sign that paper prior to receiving my indemnities then what if they don’t honor their word later? What can I do later when I have already given a paper stating that I have received every thing.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately, this is the modus operandi of most companies who demand the signing of the financial clearing certificates before payments of indemnities are executed in fairness to these companies however, most of them pay after the certificates are signed.
To cool down your anxiety, signing the financial clearance certificate by itself does not constitute proof of payment of indemnity so the company cannot use that as a pretext to say that you have been paid your indemnity when indeed nothing of that sort has happened.
In the event the company wants to play smart with the financial clearance certificate in relation to your indemnity payment, we advise that you file a case against it at the Public Authority for Manpower to seek redress in determining the case.
The company among other things, will be asked to produce proof of payment of your indemnity in the bank and here its deceipt will be exposed.

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This news has been read 47855 times!

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