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‘Increasing rate of obesity worrying’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: Former health minister, general surgical consultant, oncologist and consultant for laparoscopic surgery Dr Mohammed Al-Jarallah has warned against the increasing rate of obesity in the country, reports Aljarida daily.

He stressed the consequences of this epidemic, which is usually associated with heart diseases, digestive system diseases, breathing problems, high blood pressure and many other diseases. In an interview with the daily, Dr Al-Jarallah revealed that half of the Kuwaiti women are obese because of their diet. He indicated that obesity takes about 300,000 lives around the world annually, stressing that obesity surgeries have become an approved treatment for those suffering from diabetes.

Dr Jarallah affi rmed that obesity is one of the common diseases in the world and can be fatal, affecting the ability of all organs in the body. He urged researchers to come up with solutions to this epidemic through modern medical studies.

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