Incest monster, who fathered 7 kids with his daughter, may soon be released

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Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who held his daughter captive for 24 years, may soon be released as he is deemed no longer a threat to the public.

AUSTRIA, Jan 17: Reports suggest that Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who horrifically fathered seven children with his daughter during 24 years of captivity, may soon be released as he is deemed no longer a threat to the public. Now 88, Fritzl received a life sentence in 2009 for incest, rape, coercion, false imprisonment, and enslavement. Under the terms of his sentence, he becomes eligible for parole this year, and a psychiatric report indicating he is “no longer dangerous” makes his release likely. Fritzl’s lawyer is already pursuing a conditional discharge, with plans for a potential move to a nursing home. A final decision date remains unclear.

A forensic psychiatric expert concluded that Fritzl, confused and exhibiting erratic behavior, may be transferred through the prison system as a first step toward release. Fritzl, who believes he is a pop star and experiences hallucinations, reportedly needs a walker due to multiple falls in prison.

Fritzl’s crimes were discovered in 2008 when he took one of his captive daughter’s children to the hospital. Of the seven children born from the abuse, one died, three remained in captivity, and the others were raised by Fritzl and his wife. His daughter, now living under a new name, resides in an undisclosed Austrian community with her surviving children. Despite enduring severe trauma, therapy has helped them cope with their past.

In 2009, Fritzl’s daughter found love with a bodyguard assigned to protect her, marking a testament to the strength of love and resilience. Though she lost significant years in captivity, she is determined to make the most of her remaining days, engaging in activities like learning to drive and helping her children with homework.

This news has been read 740 times!

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