Impact and Implications of Salary Reductions in Oversight Bodies

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 22: Despite the government’s issuance of directives aimed at significantly reducing the salaries of oversight bodies’ boards of directors even prior to the elections, the concerned ministries have not taken substantive actions in this regard for various reasons. One of the primary reasons is the hesitancy to nominate competent individuals for these positions, reports Al-Rai daily. Reliable sources said the directives that were issued called for salary reductions; however, implementing these reductions within the current councils proves challenging due to legal considerations stemming from previous judicial rulings related to Kuwaiti employees.

This indicates that the implementation may be postponed until the end of the terms of current councils and upon the approval of new council formations. The sources emphasized the need for a gradual and deliberate implementation approach. The projected savings resulting from salary reductions within these bodies are estimated to range between 3 to 5 million dinars, a relatively modest figure. However, this endeavor also carries the risk of compromising the quality of work. It was noted that addressing this matter necessitates a balanced approach, ensuring fairness in remuneration, which holds considerable significance. It has been recognized as a pivotal issue and is considered one of the government’s focal points in the upcoming period across ministries and agencies.

Nevertheless, the distinctive nature of oversight bodies might call for a unique arrangement. The sources highlighted that individuals who hold stable financial and administrative positions are unlikely to accept nominations for these bodies unless the benefits offered can cover their specific responsibilities, as customary. There is an implication that immediate implementation of the salary reduction decision could lead to an infl ux of legal claims and lawsuits, as employees seek reassurances about the preservation of their rights and job-related remuneration.

This news has been read 6617 times!

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