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Immigrant birds in Kuwait lend up in cages

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 22: Some immigrant birds did not know they would end up in cages to be sold in markets after spending a long time in very hot weather during summer or freezing weather in winter, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Pigeons and other long-distance birds are sold in the market located in Al-Rai and are subjected to violations due to poor control and lack of regular inspections.

The birds are displayed for sale in corridors and in front of shops. The birds are sold without health certificates or even defining the country of origin.

They are illegally hunted to be sold for about KD 30 each. Shop owners prefer to sell pigeons whose price does not exceed the capabilities of visitors, while they confirmed that there are other expensive species whose prices range from KD 100 to KD 300 but they are not sold at this market.

The shops sell different types of parrots coming from Brazil and Mexico without health certificates. This is too dangerous since the birds might carry viruses. Parrots in the market are considered the most expensive commodities as their price has no limit, starting from KD 150 to KD 400. Turtles, sheep and other animals are also for sale.

The shop owner keeps them in an unhealthy environment; thereby, violating regulations on animal rights and environment protection

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