Illicit Liquor Empire: Expat’s Daily Production Exposed at 150 Bottles!

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 24: Under the supervision of Major General Abdullah Al-Rajaib, the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs, a security team from the Public Security Sector successfully conducted a raid on a clandestine liquor factory in the Salmiya area, operated by an expatriate. The operation resulted in the discovery of 123 bottles of wine, 3 barrels containing liquor, and specialized tools for the production, bottling, and packaging of liquor

Intelligence had received information, indicating that an expatriate was managing an apartment in Salmiya, covertly utilizing it as a facility to distill alcohol. The operation involved filling imported bottles with locally distilled liquor, sealing them, and distributing the finished products to customers within the Salmiya area. Major General Abdullah Al-Rajaib, upon receiving this information, promptly ordered its verification and the initiation of legal measures.

Following the confirmation of the intel and the issuance of a legal search warrant, the security forces conducted a raid on the apartment. The expatriate in charge was apprehended, and a stash of 123 bottles of locally produced liquor, cleverly packaged in imported liquor bottles with pressed bottle caps using a specialized machine, was seized. Additionally, three barrels filled with locally produced liquor and specific tools for distilling alcohol were uncovered.

During the subsequent interrogation, the accused admitted to manufacturing approximately 150 bottles of liquor daily. He detailed the process of utilizing imported liquor bottles, pressing caps, and sealing them to create the illusion of imported liquor. These falsified products were then sold to customers at a rate of 60 dinars per bottle.

Upon concluding the investigation, both the accused individual and the confiscated items were handed over to the relevant authorities for further legal action.

This news has been read 1559 times!

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