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“Illegal residents” law to pass through Kuwait’s parliament next week – speaker

KUWAIT, Oct 27 (KUNA) — Two new pieces of legislation, including one dealing with the status of Kuwait’s illegal residents, have been finalized, the country’s top lawmaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim said on Sunday.

The aforementioned legislation, along with another that entails the formation of a central apparatus to remedy some existential flaws in Kuwait’s citizenship system, will be presented to parliament next week, he revealed.

“The law on the status of illegal residents has been finalized after a lot of effort by MPs,” Al-Ghanim said, pointing out that the legislation is comprised of a body of laws that he intends on “clarifying in due course.”
On the other piece of legislation, Kuwait’s chief lawmaker said it aims to “fix some errors” in Kuwait’s citizenship system, where some cases of forgery are not unheard of.

The law addressing the status of Kuwait’s illegal residents ensures that national identity rights are preserved, in addition to the human rights of this community, added Al-Ghanim.

He vowed not to backtrack on presenting the law to parliament in hopes of “ultimately resolving the matter,” saying that after the law comes into effect, no Kuwaiti resident would be labeled “illegal.”
Al-Ghanim went on to reiterate that much deliberation and meticulousness went into drawing up this piece of legislation.

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