Fake education degrees for sale in Kuwait at KD4,000 each

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Unlicensed educational institute shut for fake certificates and scam operation.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 7: In a recent development, Commerce inspectors have taken decisive action by shutting down an educational institute that was found to be operating without the necessary licenses. The institute, which claimed to offer various “badged” educational certificates, had its headquarters closed, and those responsible have been referred to the prosecution for further legal action.

Upon inspection, it was revealed that the institute lacked the required license to organize exhibitions, conferences, and events. Additionally, it was discovered that the institute did not hold any accreditation from local regulatory authorities for the activities it claimed to provide. Shockingly, some of the educational certificates offered were identified as fake, casting doubt on the credibility of the entire operation. The bodies purportedly granting these certificates were found to be non-existent.

The institute allegedly charged clients a substantial financial compensation, amounting to up to 4,000 dinars, payable in multiple installments. Approximately 15 clients were identified as victims, having obtained certificates that were not approved. The names of these victims, along with details of the uncertified qualifications, will be forwarded to relevant authorities. This information is crucial for addressing appointments and other procedural matters that require valid professional certificates.

Simultaneously, Commerce inspectors closed down five women’s salons following investigations that uncovered violations of their licenses. These establishments were found to be conducting mini-operations that contravened their licensing agreements. Further inspection revealed the use of materials unfit for human use, leading to the immediate closure of the salons and their referral to the prosecution for legal proceedings.

The recent surge in violations recorded by Commerce inspectors includes the closure of restaurant branches. These establishments have been referred to the Commercial Prosecution as authorities prepare to take legal action. Fines have also been imposed on these restaurants for failing to adhere to the ministry’s set delivery fees, which stand at 250 fils for deliveries within the same area and 500 fils for deliveries to other areas. It is worth noting that the instructions explicitly prohibit imposing a minimum limit on customer requests.

This news has been read 6755 times!

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