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‘If wrong economic policies continue it will harm Kuwaiti families’

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KUWAIT CITY, March 18: Dr Hamad Al-Munawar said a Kuwaiti family suffers a great deal which will end in the family living below the poverty line if wrong economic policies continue, reports Al-Rai daily.

Speaking at a weekly symposium, organized by Dr Al-Azmi, Tuesday at the office of Dr Turki Al-Azmi in Sabahiya, under the title ‘Kuwaiti families and loans’, he said the Kuwaiti family suffers from a lot of problems which will eventually lead to poverty and blamed the situation on the wrong economic policies.

He referred to the proposed state budget and money available to the state ministries, the rate of per capita income, average salaries, expenses and loans that weigh heavily.

He pointed out that the citizen, in light of the available information and the reality he lives in after 10 years, will live by only 30 percent of his salary, based on the weak value of the purchase of dinars and the recognition of value added and some taxes and fees expected.

He explained the burden of the loans on citizens and the application of ‘insolvency’ and falling under the burden of poverty, will expose the Kuwaiti family to many problems, and lead to the disintegration of the family and will result in the aggravation of crimes, corruption and theft and reluctance to marry, and the courts are clear evidence to that since most of the issues deal with financial claims.

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