I did it, says drug dealer

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KUWAIT CITY, June 27: In a precedent, the first of its kind, the biggest hardcore drug dealer has admitted before the Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Hamad Al-Mulla, that he brought 100 kilos of narcotics and shabu and 10 kilos of hashish from Iran

Court, who is your lawyer?

Defendant: I don’t have a lawyer.

Court: Your case is big, and a genuine lawyer needs to be appointed in a case of this size, which will not benefit her with a delegated lawyer.

Accused: I will see a lawyer to defend me.

Court: You are accused of bringing narcotics to be trafficked in Kuwait.

Accused: Yes, right!

Court: brought drugs for trafficking in Kuwait by sea?

Accused: Yes, right.

Court: Where did you get the drugs?

Accused: From Iran.

Court: Where from, from Iran?

Accused: From the Abadan region.

Court: What drugs did you bring?

Accused: Shabu (Meth) drug.

Court: How much?

Accused: 100 kilos.

Court: You only brought Shabu, or after anything?

Accused brought 100 kilos of shabu and 10 kilos of hashish.

Court: How big is the boat?

Accused: 7 metres.

Court: How many machines are on the cruiser?

Accused: A unit machine.

Court: How big is it?

Accused: 48 hp.

Court: What kind of machine?

Accused: The type of engine is Yamaha.

Court: Did you take anything before you came to court?

Accused: No.

Court: Do you take drugs?

Accused: Yes.

Court: What are you dealing with?

Accused: Heroin.

Court: When you were arrested, were you a drug addict?

Accused: Yes, I was a drug addict.

Court: What did you do when you were arrested?

Accused: I was taking a dose of heroin.

Court: Are you the owner of the boat?

Accused: No.

Court: Who is the owner of the cruiser on which you were seized with drugs?

Accused: I do not know the owner of the cruiser personally, but I rented the cruiser from Samaka (the people of fishing in the Abadan region).

Court: How far is it from Abadan in Iran to Kuwait?

Accused: From Abadan to Kuwait, it takes half a day with us, according to the load.

Court: How do you know the road from Abadan to Kuwait, specifically the location to which the goods are to be delivered?

Accused: By GPS via mobile phones.

Court: Where were you arrested?

Accused: At sea.

Court: Where is the sea?

Accused: Inside Kuwaiti territorial waters

Court: You mean towards Failaka Island?

Accused: Do not go to the island of Ohh at sixty.

Court: Were the drugs seized with you?

Accused: Yes, it is true. We tried to get rid of her, but the drug investigators arrested us.

The court decided to postpone the case until the appointment of a lawyer by the three defendants.

This news has been read 22237 times!

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