Hygiene Concerns Arise in Kuwait’s Mubarakiya Meat Market Inspection

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KUWAIT CITY, May 8: Abdullah Al-Siddiqi, inspection supervisor for the Capital Governorate at the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN), disclosed that several violations were uncovered in a recent inspection tour of the Mubarakiya meat market, reports Al-Anba daily. These violations include workers operating without proper licensing from PAFN and failure to adhere to public hygiene standards. The daily’s staff personally witnessed the inspection tour; during which Al-Siddiqi explained this is aimed at ensuring the meat and organs like heart and liver are suitable for human consumption. He said the market has more than 40 stores selling meat.

He also emphasized the need for consumers to verify meat quality by checking the approved stamp from PAFN, ensuring it was slaughtered in the country and noting the expiration date. He explained the meat expires 10 days after the slaughtering date; hence, the importance of checking such information before buying. He affirmed that inspectors meticulously examine meat for freshness and visual cues like color, rejecting any item with signs of spoilage. Doubtful items undergo laboratory testing for confirmation, he added. He reiterated the commitment of inspectors to uphold hygiene and certification standards, highlighting the issuance of violation citations to workers without health certificates and non-compliance with hygiene protocols in certain shops in the market.

This news has been read 2656 times!

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