Hydrogenated fats and alcoholic beverages affect the human brain

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A nutrition specialist from Russia has discovered that overindulgence in certain foods, such as hydrogenated fats and alcoholic beverages, has detrimental effects on the human brain and cognitive functions. According to the Russia Today website Yelena Tikhomirova, the expert, emphasizes that alcohol is particularly damaging as it destroys nerve cells, resulting in a decline in cognitive functions.

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Tikhomirova further elaborates that the consumption of processed vegetable oils, commonly known as hydrogenated fats, has adverse effects on brain functions. When these fats are ingested in large quantities, the body struggles to process them, leading to their accumulation in cells, including those in the brain. This accumulation ultimately results in premature cell deterioration and a decline in cognitive functions.

The nutrition expert also highlights the negative impact of excessive fast-food consumption on brain functions. Fast food, rich in fats, carbohydrates, salt, and various additives, can contribute to obesity, which, in turn, diminishes brain activity. Tikhomirova emphasizes that the combination of fast food with sweetened beverages significantly contributes to the prevalence of obesity.

On the matter of sugar, she asserts its harmful effects on the brain. While acknowledging the necessity of consuming carbohydrates, she recommends periodic reduction in their quantity and the organization of moderate hunger intervals, asserting that such practices can have a positive influence on brain functions. Tikhomirova shared these insights with the Russia Today website, underlining the importance of mindful eating habits for cognitive well-being.

This news has been read 651 times!

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