Human rights in the world are a big lie: Jolie

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Angelina Jolie

LOS ANGELES, Dec 23: Angelina Jolie expressed her frustration with the pervasive discrimination and hypocrisy prevalent in the realm of human rights on a global scale.

During an interview conducted for the documentary film “We Dare to Dream” with Syrian director Waad Al-Khatib, Jolie disclosed that, after approximately two decades of involvement in humanitarian work, she has relinquished the belief in the inherent goodness of specific individuals, peoples, or nations.

Reflecting on the historical roots of human rights advocacy, she remarked, “The concept of defending human rights emerged, perhaps, in the aftermath of World War II. It implied clear objectives and guidelines for human rights, with an understanding that concerted efforts, ideally led by the United Nations, were necessary to attain these rights.”

Jolie highlighted her realization that the world operates in a more complex manner than originally perceived. She commented, “I’ve come to learn that the world doesn’t operate in such a straightforward manner. Instead, we grant certain individuals their rights and justice, perhaps temporarily extend them to others, while some may never experience them. We’ll denounce some for a crime, yet remain silent on others. It’s a big lie on a global scale, becoming increasingly evident over time.”

This news has been read 1137 times!

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