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Huge increase in chalets rents expected

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Move tied to hike in state revenues

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: “The chalet sector is inevitably going to record a big jump in its rental fees due to the government’s plans to amend the structure of state property fees. The rental prices are expected to be extraordinary figures”, reports Al-Rai daily quoting an official source. He went on to say, “The preliminary indicators of the study prepared by the Ministry of Finance regarding the amendment of state property fees show that there will be a qualitative leap in the chalet fees according to the scheme”. Regarding the viewpoints of the owners of some old chalets who may not be able to afford the expected fee list, the source said, “It is sufficient for them to use these privileged parcels of land that are classified as “prime location” with low fees for periods of up to 50 years with some of them. Those who are unable to afford to pay the chalet expenses, which are considered a right of the state, should let it go”.

He indicated that, “The amendment of the expected chalet fees regulation will achieve societal justice in the state. It will allow the entry of a new category of chalet tenants, ending a long period spent by some as if they own these chalets. On the other hand, this will lead to an increase in the state revenues”. The source added, “Chalets and other state properties are one of the main and forgotten gates, through which it is possible to enhance the revenues of the budget and reduce the levels of the historical deficit recorded in the budget.”

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