Huda Kattan pledges $1 million for humanitarian aid in Gaza

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Huda Kattan

DUBAI, Nov 11, (Agencies): Huda Kattan, the American-Iraqi entrepreneur and founder of the renowned beauty brand Huda Beauty, has recently announced a significant philanthropic gesture. This week, she declared her intention to donate a substantial sum of $1 million to two humanitarian organizations operating in Gaza: Human Appeal and Doctors Without Borders. The announcement was made through statements shared on both her personal and professional Instagram accounts.

Expressing her concern for the prolonged suffering in Gaza, Kattan emphasized the worsening situation over the past month. She underscored the significance of taking a stand on the side of the oppressed and utilizing her platform to shed light on injustices, asserting that ignoring such issues is not an option.

Highlighting the collective effort of Huda Beauty brands, which include Huda Beauty, Kayali, and WISHFUL, Kattan revealed their joint commitment to contributing $1 million to support humanitarian initiatives in Gaza.

Providing an update on Thursday, Kattan shared the challenges faced in providing aid to Gaza, particularly with the region facing a complete blockade. Acknowledging the difficulties in finding organizations capable of ensuring immediate aid delivery, she explained the careful consideration behind choosing two organizations. One organization focuses on providing essential medical care to victims, while the other is dedicated to ensuring access to clean and safe water.

Kattan has been actively using her influence on social media to raise awareness about the situation in Palestine. In a recent video on her personal account, she reached out to her followers, seeking their assistance in compiling a list of brands that support Palestine. Expressing her commitment to supporting such brands, Kattan sought recommendations for products and brands that align with the cause, emphasizing the need to stand against injustice and genocide.

This philanthropic gesture by Huda Kattan reflects her dedication to making a positive impact during challenging times and using her platform to address critical issues affecting communities in need.

This news has been read 736 times!

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