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Tuesday , December 7 2021

Honest Egyptian cafe worker returns KD 6,400

KUWAIT CITY, April 6: A young Egyptian worker at a café in a case of honesty is said to have returned the envelope containing KD 6,400 to a well-known female customer, reports Al-Rai daily.

The Egyptian worker Hani Samir told the daily: “On the evening of the previous day, at 10:30 pm during my usual work bringing in the tables that are usually placed outside the cafeteria, I found a white envelope on one of the chairs. I was surprised that it contained a large sum of money. I remember the customer who was sitting there who fortunately turned out to be a well-known personality and contacted her. She told me that the envelope contains 6,400 dinars and it was handed over to her.” He went to say, the woman thanked him for his honesty and tried to reward him but he refused, saying I am honest and want to work with all honesty.

However, when the woman insisted, he accepted KD 50 and gave it to another worker, who he said, was in dire need of money. Hani added, he has been working at the café for the past five years and many a times he finds many valuable items of customers and that he always returns them to the owner.

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