Monday , September 25 2023

Hiring domestic workers, Why it costs KD 1,380?

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 25 : Director of Regulating the Recruitment of Domestic Workers Department at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), Nasser Al- Mousawi, reviewed the mechanism for hiring domestic workers to the State of Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily. The hiring is done through recruitment offices after registering on the electronic platform (Bal Salamah) and facilitates the return of domestic workers. The sources indicated the total recruitment fees for a single domestic worker costs 1,380 dinars, of which the sponsor pays 890 dinars to the recruitment office, and 490 dinars to register on the (Bal Salamah) platform.

During a television interview, Al-Mousawi touched on the method of recruiting domestic workers during this period.. Regarding the cost of recruiting domestic workers, Al-Mousawi stated that “the prices were set by the decision issued by the Minister of Commerce and Industry for recruitment offices — 890 dinars as a maximum for one worker — in the event of recruitment through the office, while the rest of the amount is for quarantine procedures and travel tickets through civil aviation in coordination with the Health Committee.” Regarding the sponsor paying 890 dinars for the office and 490 for the Bal Salamah platform when the domestic worker enters the country, Al-Mousawi explained that 890 dinars is considered the cost of procedures for bringing the worker from his/her country, since the office carries out all procedures in the country of the worker.

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