Hike salaries of poor Kuwaitis

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KUWAIT CITY, May 30: Former MP and Fourth Constituency candidate Marzouq Al- Khalifa said increasing the citizens’ salaries must be the top priority of the government at the beginning of the 2023 parliamentary term. He pointed out that it is not true the citizens are prosperous, adding this unrealistic image is promoted by traders and he found out the truth while he was in jail. He will support the government if it cooperates with the Parliament in addressing important issues; otherwise, he and his colleagues will adopt a strong position against the failure of the government. He disclosed that infl uential parties pushed for the dissolution of the 2022 Parliament, mainly due to the bill on amending the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry Law.

He expects former Parliament Speaker and Second Constituency candidate Marzouq Al- Ghanim and the latter’s party to disrupt the next legislative session, but he and his colleagues will foil such attempts through the strict enforcement of the National Assembly Law. Former MP and Fourth Constituency candidate Shuaib Al-Muwaizri pointed out that Kuwait is the only country wishing for the return of the old days and no one knows where it is headed. He also stressed the need to combat corruption, calling on all eligible voters to participate in the upcoming election to block the corrupt who are keen on causing rifts in the State.

Former MP and First Constituency candidate Adel Al-Damkhi asserted in a recent campaign with the theme, “We will never give up,” that corruption, backwardness, damaged streets and former Speaker Al-Ghanim will not come back. He intends to continue protecting public funds and unmask the corrupt if he wins in the election. He also promised to support the bills on granting more freedoms as long as they are in line with the Islamic Sharia Law.

Second Constituency candidate Faleh Al- Hajri affirmed the people respect most authorities in the country, except the legislative and executive authorities. He pointed out that although the legislature represents the nation’s will, most of the parliaments in the last 20 years were either dissolved or nullified. He added His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al- Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah must be aware of the citizens’ suffering and present his vision on addressing urgent issues and increasing salaries.

This news has been read 19000 times!

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